How to get most out of your outdoor shirt

A shirt is very versatile. For example; You can change the arm length to what you want it to be. You can get rid of extra heat throgh the front fastening and use the shirt collar to keep you warm. Learn more about the outdoor shirt. By Johan SKullman, our outdoor expert and product specialist. 

Product Development Shirts

We have a tradition of making hardwearing functional shirts. We are special since we test our shirts in relevant locations. Regardless of whether they are for hiking or traveling in hot climates it is obvios that different shorts needs different functions.

編號 F82461

High Coast G1000長褲




44 46 48 50 52 54 56




適合各種夏日戶外生活的輕質、透氣褲款,尤其針對溫暖氣候以及優先考量輕量因素的旅行而設計。採用耐久、防風的G-1000 Lite,具備快乾特質,並可有效排除因活動量增加所聚積的汗水。設計上力求減輕重量,採納簡約風格,僅保留重要細節,便於「聰明收納」。配置兩個插手口袋、一個拉鍊後口袋,後側雙皮帶環有助於固定皮帶。舒適剪裁,膝蓋預先成形,中腰設計,一般版型。褲管稍微收窄,固定式褲長。

  • 貨號: F82461
  • 性別: 
  • 系列: Outdoor
  • 重量: 48號305公克
  • 材質: G1000 Lite
  • 成分: G-1000® Lite: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • 褲管: 可修改開放式褲管
  • 褲長: 全長
  • 版型: 中腰/一般